What is behind our strong Product Market Fit

Do you remember our recent poll on whether crops could be traded digitally?

We are seeing an 81% voice of approval and we definitely believe the time is right to disrupt the >$1 trillion of global grain trade!

At Agro.Club, we are big believers in tech, however, as once pointed out by our CEO Egor Kirin, the standard marketplace model is not the right fit for agriculture.

So how do you make one work? And what is behind our strong Product Market Fit?

We’re solving multiple problems for the value chain:

✅ Matching of supply and demand

➔ This is what most marketplaces aim to do, but over the years we have developed and polished our algorithms where it identifies truly the best match of what the farmer is offering for sale and what the grain company is looking to buy…all by analyzing thousands of scenarios in a matter of seconds.

➔ Traditional traders and players do this manually, imagine trying to manually match based on quality, quantity, tax, distance, logistics, past buying behavior, risk management etc. all either on limited human bandwidth or excel!

➔ Typically marketplaces stop here - on problem #1. This possibly works in many industries, but in our view, not in agriculture.

✅ Reliable and tech first execution:

➔ Grain transaction is not like a typical Uber taxi transaction or an Amazon online order. It is incredibly complex, involves many internal and external parties, prone to risk, dynamic pricing, coupled with large order values enveloped in a thick blanket of trust.

➔ Imagine an average transaction of 40,000 bushels (1,000 tons) of corn, it entails 40 trucks that need to be loaded, unloaded, quality checked, documents prepared in addition to KYC of the farmer/trucker, phytosanitary matters and payments.

➔ Unless tech companies are willing to get their hands dirty and handle the “messy” stuff, it will be very difficult to add value and drive profitability

➔ We at Agro.Club leverage technology at each step of the grain transaction including full execution to make it simpler, more efficient and risk-free for farmers and grain companies around the world.

This is why we call ourselves a Full Stack B2B Grain Marketplace.

We get excited by complexity because this is where we can drive massive upside and tech powered scale.