Agro.Club bringing online farm marketplace to Canada

Established by a U.S.-based startup, Agro.Club is expanding on its success in the Black Sea region with the introduction of Agro.Club Canada.

Agro.Club describes its offering as an “online ecosystem” for Canadian agriculture companies to use for buying and selling products.

“We want to give the whole industry a more efficient way of doing business digitally,” explains Neil Arbuckle, managing director of Agro.Club Canada.

One of the first Canadian companies to sign on with Agro.Club is Canterra Seeds.

“Until Agro.Club entered the market, the options were scarce. We could build an IT solution on our own, go with an e-commerce partner, or sit back and do nothing. With Agro.Club, we were able to get online quickly with a partner that knows the industry and shares our commitment to partner with retailers and farmers,” says David Hansen, CEO and president of Canterra, in a news release issued Monday.

Agro.Club makes the upfront IT investment, then partners with organizations who want new ways to conduct business online, according to a press release.

“Our model is to create an ecosystem where Canterra — and any other input company — can reach farmers and offer programs and a farmer can place orders with their preferred retailer,” says Arbuckle, who prior to joining Agro.Club spent more than 30 years working in Canadian agriculture.

The system isn’t limited to input companies, though, as Arbuckle expresses there’s opportunity for any company that may want to digitize their business. Agro.Club says it offers more efficient transactions, valuable real-time analytics, and knowledge-sharing capabilities between farmers, retailers, manufacturers, and grain companies alike.