Today Agro.Club is celebrating its 4th Birthday!

This was another year where we reached new heights as a company and as a team!

Over the last 12 months we have:

  • Grown our B2B Grain Marketplace over 25X
  • Empowered record-setting commercial campaigns for customers of our Sales Enablement Platform
  • Financed over $100 million worth of transactions with our financial products
  • Onboarded over 10,000 users on the platform
  • Grew the team by 30% with some of the best talents out there
  • Took our product to the next level with some brilliant new releases in the pipeline (stay tuned!)
  • Entered Brazil - Our next big frontier (more news coming here as well)

We have also had our share of learnings, mistakes and product iterations. For us, it is all part of the journey to build something new and meaningful that will make a real difference!

Thank you to everyone who continues to be part of this amazing story as a team member, customer, investor or a well wisher!

Upwards and onwards! We have even bigger plans for year 5, come and join us!