Agri farming, financing and digital disruption

Financing, it is often said, can bring predictability to businesses looking to manage their costs, and given the huge capital outlays involved in the Agri farming sector, equipment leasing has historically played a key role in managing uncertainty. This is particularly so against the current backdrop of accelerating digitisation, robotics and IoT-enabled devices at the cutting edge of the sector. Miles Rogerson considers disruptive innovations alongside new financing platforms in the agriculture and farming sector.

Preparing for what’s on the horizon is more important than ever for farmers, and new technologies that can aid production yields and help farmers comply with sustainability legislation may offer a solution.

Value chain platform

Meanwhile, Agro.Club is offering financial solutions for players in the European agricultural value chain.

The US-based platform is a digital sales platform that aims to help retailers and grain companies “find the best match of supply and demand.”

Agro.Club says that its platform also helps retailers to do quality control of grain, know-your-customer documentation, logistics, and financing of the transactions.

The company says it has so far facilitated transactions worth more than $200 million and has served more than 25,000 farmers across the globe.

Technology is undoubtedly destined to play a crucial role in the future of agribusiness, fuelling higher crop productivity, reduced food prices, and a reduced impact on natural ecosystems.

Simultaneously, while finance already assumes vital significance in the agricultural industry, it can be used as an increasingly catalytic tool to strengthen the farm business and augment productivity through the adoption of new technology – something we are likely to see in the coming years.

Source: Leasing Life