Digital Platform for all players across the agricultural value chain
Digital Platform for all players across the agricultural value chain
For Farmers & Grain Buyers
A scalable platform that connects farmers with grain buyers and eliminates supply chain inefficiencies
Full Stack B2B 
Grain Marketplace
Enhanced AI that uses 100's of data points to match buyers and sellers
Single point of supply for 30+ crop varieties
Unbeatable offers from Farmers and Buyers
AI Powered matching algorithm
Our algorithm instantly matches offers from thousands of farmers and buyers
For Retailers
Anonymous B2B marketplace for retailers, co-ops, and distributors
Retail Market
Connect with retailers, co-ops, and distributors across the US to buy and sell pesticide products
Free of any and all fees!
Manage your inventory with a fully private profile
Post products for sale and create a custom wishlist for hard to find products you're looking to buy
Unique product matches with our enhanced AI features
We take care of everything, payments 
and shipping included
For Manufacturers
Our platform enables Input Manufacturers, Retailers, and Grain Companies to manage their commercial processes more effectively while providing their customers with a smooth digital experience.
Sales enablement
See how your sales campaign is progressing at channel and farmer levels at any moment during the season.
Digital storefront
Independently place orders for products from your preferred supplier
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