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Agro.Club was founded on the premise to be the most reliable and trustworthy partner in the grain trade.
We maintain an unwavering commitment to our partners and customers, going beyond mere grain trading to consistently seek innovative ways to fulfill their needs.
Our technology tools allow our team to maintain a continuous touch with the market, actively seeking the most effective approaches to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.
At the core of our values is integrity
We believe in delivering on our promises and following through on our commitments.
More about us
Agro.Club originates from North America, South America, and Europe.
We serve both domestic and international buyers and currently sell to buyers across 5 continents globally.
Trusted by
Grain Companies
We build and nurture long term relationships with our partners
We interact with our partners in the way, and with the frequency they want. Online or offline.
Based on the marketing or procurement strategy of our partner, we offer the solutions with the best fit.
Contract types
Our most straightforward tool to monetize grain in the bin and get paid swiftly.
We agree on price, and pick-up or delivery at a specific location, at a specific day and time.
You are paid once we receive the scale ticket for your grain.
Similar to our Spot contract, we agree a cash on price for your grain that aligns with a specific delivery window - now or in the future.
You are paid once we receive the scale ticket for your grain.
Our Basis grain contract allows you to lock in only the basis portion of a cash contract for a specific delivery period.
With the basis set, you can wait until a later date to set the futures reference pricing portion of your cash contract.
Note that entering into a Basis contract does not result in the seller opening a futures or options account or having a futures or options position. Any futures or options position taken by a buyer is for the benefit of the buyer only and shall be in the buyer’s name.
Futures and/or options may be employed as a grain pricing mechanism. This contract is not a futures or options contract or a commodity pool agreement.
In collaboration with our partners, we define the best way to move the grain.
Farmers or buyers who prefer to use their own mode of transport are welcome to do so. Otherwise we take over this task.
Speaking the same language as you
Our team is composed of experts in their field with an endless passion for what they do. Whether someone works in trading, finance, execution, or development, we all aim to deliver the highest standard, both externally and internally.
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