Sell crops

We take care of the whole process for you
We will pay immediately after sampling
We find the best price for your region
Making the sale of crops transparent and reliable
1. We work on your offer at source

The price for your address is based on the best offers of the day. If you wish, you can offer your own price and we will find a buyer.

2. We take care of all the documents

For 100% of our agreements we have a grading audit partner, to guarantee the quality of the product according to our client's specification.

3. Will make payment

At sight, after loading the grain.

4. Logistics

We will find the vehicles ourselves, organize logistics and remove the volume.

Speaking the same language as you

Agro.Club is a team of 200+ professionals with years of experience in agriculture. We know all the nuances of selling crops. Always ready to consult, answer questions and offer options.

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