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Crop marketing

Sell your bushels the way that suits your needs. We're here to help you get the best possible price and conditions.


Together, we decide the best way to move your bushels. With your own trucks or handled by us.

Market insights

Our team keeps a constant eye on the market while you are running your farm. Contact us now to receive regular bids for your location.

Main Contract Variables

We are flexible to serve your needs as a producer.


Your most straightforward tool to monetize grain in your bin and get paid swiftly. We  agree on price, and pick-up or delivery at a specific location, at  a  specific day and  time.
You are paid once we receive the scale ticket for your grain.

FOB or Delivered

No time to haul? No problem.
We work together with an extensive network of truckers and transload facilities. We  can move your grain locally via truck or via rail for longer distances to serve end  users in need.


Our Basis grain contract allows you to lock in the basis portion of your sale. With the basis set, you can wait until a later date to set the futures reference pricing portion of your sale contract. Meanwhile the grain moves prior to setting your price.
Depending on the time of year, we offer the option to roll futures to a new month for a nominal fee. As always, keep in mind the futures spread results in a basis adjustment.

Firm Offer

Through a firm offer we work with your target price.
You let us know the target price you are looking for, and when the board hits that price we'll book your contract.
This is a great way to increase your chances to sell at the price you want, without having to constantly monitor the futures market.
We offer this service free of charge!

Note that entering into a Basis contract does not result in the seller opening a futures or options account or having a futures or options position. Any futures or options position taken by a buyer is for the benefit of the buyer only and shall be in the buyer's name.
Futures and/or options may be employed as a grain pricing mechanism. This contract is not a futures or options contract or a commodity pool agreement.

Integrity is at the core.

We are with you for the long haul.
Our commitment is to be your partner in moving your grain at the best possible price.
Speaking your language
Our team is composed of experts in their field with an endless passion for what they do.
We all aim to deliver the highest standard, both externally and internally.
Kevin Picknick
Working closely with commercial end-users and export market destinations throughout the US
Jason Dippel
VP Finance & Operations
Leading the highly committed and customer oriented Finance & Execution team
Nathan Monnig
Grain Originator
Serving Farmers across Missouri and Minnesota
Jamie Dawalt
Talent Acquisition
Sourcing top talent to grow and support our farmers
Joe Reid
Grain Originator
Serving Farmers across Iowa and Minnesota
Caressa Moore
Grain Originator
Serving Farmers across Kansas and Oklahoma
Colby Turner
Grain Originator
Serving Farmers across the upper Midwest
Shannon Semple
Merchandising Assistant
Facilitating a seamless process from contracting to payment for our customers
Dustin McDonald
Grain Originator
Serving Farmers across South Dakota
+1 463 555-3890
Jake Sayre
Grain Originator
Serving Farmers across Nebraska

Customer success stories

I like working with Agro.Club. My Account Manager Caressa keeps me up-to-date with attractive bids. They are top-notch in communication and importantly: they pay swiftly and without delay.
Farmer in Missouri
Agro.Club arranged pick up of my corn off-farm and deposited my money quickly. I will trade with them again.
Farmer in South Dakota
Agro.Club offered us a great price picked up off-farm.  The wheat moved quickly, on our schedule and payment was deposited directly into our account.  We plan on working with them again.
Farmer in South Dakota
Occasionally Kevin will call me with grain bids I'm not seeing anywhere else in our area.  I'm always happy to contract at the highest prices available.
Farmer in Kansas
I like the flexibility of doing basis contracts with Agro.Club.  I can get competitive basis values and place target orders for locking in the cash price on a rally.
Farmer in Kansas
Agro.Club keeps me updated on prices in my area.  It doesn't matter if it's corn, wheat or soybeans, I know they will show me competitive prices picked up off-farm or delivered.
Farmer in Kansas

Trusted by 1000's of farmers and numerous grain processors and exporters

Agro.Club originates from North America, South America, and Europe. We serve both domestic and international buyers and currently sell to buyers across 5 continents globally.

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